Melisende, the Crusader Princess + STUFF!

Time for another new entry! But first…

The Candy Church

The Church‘s facilities were created to take care of the earthly matters, to handle the lowlives without bothering the superior entities of the Kingdom, acting as the armed hand of the Kingdom Above.

Being in good terms with the Candy Church is the only(?) way to reach the Kingdom Above, after all!

There will be new characters added to this faction, mostly guarding the borders or patrolling the Kingdom Above itself!

Whoever doesn’t comply to their rule will have to face retialation and, needless to say, there’s no talking them out of it.

Crusader Princess

Does she looks like someone you can reason with? Exactly! You can’t, you infidel!

After you first meet her she’ll start causing troubles for the Princesses that get too powerful in the Kingdom’s balance. Noone is allowed to get powerful enough to challenge the higher ups!

That just won’t do! How dare they try to reach for the sky?!

As soon as our budget permits it, get ready for a lot of nun NPCs!

And at last, as promised…

The sexiest drunkard is getting her first animation!

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