Wiki update and NEWEGGS!

Before starting, thank you a lot of the tips I’m getting! It’s keeping starvation away!

The Wiki pages for MENUS and MECHANICS are now back online!
There’s updated version of old menus and new ones in there! I like how organized everything looks now!

We’ve also added quite a lot of new egg models and colours, since many races will now be born as an egg, before turning into their final form!

Kobolds, Insects, Moths, Dragons, Driders, Lamias. NEWEGGS!

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Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude!

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