Fiika, the Wyvern Princess

Our latest addition to the cast surely couldn’t make it in without a complete redesign!

The rebrand kept her from being released. Poor Wyvern!

v0.16 new recruitable party member, she will join the team of the Knight, provided he’s brave and adventurous enough to find her hideout!

She will bring to the table a new overworld ability: Fly!

While her sprite will come after the bunch of new monsters we’re making right now, the Princess herself is already recruitable and has her first pair of quests!
My focus is on her right now, I planned out her route and while I cannot guarantee she will have an ending right off the bat, there will definitely be content to play!

And let’s not forget about this  little baby that comes with her: the Cracked Beast Choker will make Wild forms for all Princesses a reality!

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