Breeding UPGRADED!

The last few days were INTENSE, but I’m really proud to present you this new and updated breeding mechanic, taking place at the…

Bunny Garderie

This video shows how is now possible to breed 2 Progeny of the same or of two compatible races!

Snekgirl the Lamia and Drakedad the Dragon were my test subjects for the first phase and I had them “produce” a bunch of eggs!

In the video you can see how the new lamia looks pretty similiar to her mother, and that didn’t happen randomly: how the new girl/boy looks is determined by how the mother’s “monstersome” gets cut!


While it works already for all the races I still have to prepare the pic for Lamias, Driders and Dragons, but these are all the other ones!

Let’s now take a look at the results of this breeding batch!


Snekboys and snekgirls (GENERATION I)


Don’t mind the stats looking pretty much identical, the stronger babies will get higher stats as their level raises! Anyway, I’ve already added a little more variability at early levels too! 

After the first 6 eggs (lamias take a pretty long time to hatch too~) you can already see how they look similiar to the mother!
While the haircut and hair colour changed at least a couple times, the tail colour changed just once and the skin colour and body type never changed!

While this makes getting the look you want time-demanding and challenging, it also allows the player to breed selectively!

If I were to swap the original mother (Snekmom) with her green-tailed daughter (Macha) I would expect the following generation to look closer to the latter! Of course I won’t ask you to believe me…


Snekboys and snekgirls (GENERATION II)

The first 6 were pretty much identical to the mother, then #11 and #12…

All of them are deliciously brown, but at last we’ve now obtained a grey-tailed lamia and a new body type!

I hope you enjoyed this preview, next will be passive abilities and how to trasmit them to the following Progeny generations! This time it will be the male to influence it!


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