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Like I said before, I wanted the game world to feel more… real? Fleshed out? There’s now many more hidden routes linking distant areas, mostly underground, while reigns on sea or lake shores can now also be reached by boat!

Riding one will cost you a small fee and an ingame day will pass while you ride it, but you’ll save a good deal of time compared to having to travel by foot!
Of course if you’re able to Fly you won’t need to ride boats as much, but you may still want to do it to meet the NPCs that will be there it with you! (naked/swimsuit sunbathing chance UP)

The first 3 linked locations are:

Slime Reign docks

Cat Reign docks

Frozen Stick Village docks

Like I’ve said before, this Civil ship won’t be able to reach forbidden or wild places, like the Pirate ship does for the Gazer Prison and the Beach, but (if you won’t have a character that can swim) it will be the easier way to reach the first of the reigns of the Water World Map!

It’s either boat, flight or you swim there!

Of course not everyone will be allowed to ride the boat there and if the Sea Reign will get in too many wars the ship may stop going there completely!
However, it will be enough for the enemy reigns to conquer the Port to the North of the map and the Sea Reign will be considered conquered!

I’ll spend the next days or so on the Boat NPCs, then back on more events (Faun adult scene, Cat X Insect scene and another step for Wyvern’s route)!

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Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude!

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  1. did i miss a release? i am still on 0.14.3, but i see updates all the time, but no releases?

    1. Yep. Just read the message at the end of most posts. We’re facing a second lawsuit and will resume releasing new versions as we deal with that!
      As you can see we’re still working HARD on the game though!

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