Spy Knights!

No cake is complete without candles to blow on top of it!

That’s why, while I’ve just finished adding the Bunny Garderie to the game, as the new method for breeding HUNDREDS of different warriors, ghouls, ghosts and dragons you can use in your team, I didn’t stop!

What happens behind the curtain?

The answer, only for your eyes, in this video!!

Voyeurism is not a knightly thing to do, at all!
But YOU decide which kind of knight you want to be in Princess & Conquest. See if I care!

Now the pairing…

Spica/Desert/F  Boio/Harvest/M

You can see that, while the Desert and Harvest Progeny aren’t strictly the same race, they’ll eventually breed with eachother, to give the player a new character that will belong to the mother‘s race!

Cute daughter, mommier than her mom.

Next steps will be:

  • Progeny release into the wild (500 slots are a lot, but they DO finish)!
  • Abilities and breeding for them!

🡇  🡇  🡇  🡇  🡇  🡇

Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping in my personal page here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude and maybe a couple extras!

🡅  🡅  🡅  🡅  🡅  🡅

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