It’s cold as fuck outside (and inside)!

More world expansion to show!

Couldn’t bring myself to work on anything else than COLD AF locations and maps, but I also had other reasons to do so!
The icy region to the North, while already existing, has been expanded a lot with Wyvern‘s arrival, and it needed to be reachable and explorable in more than the usual ways.

We already saw (here) how the icy region can now also be reached by boat, that’s why I needed a way to link the two islands without the use of any form of Flight!

Flight requires Wyvern Princess or quite a lot of farming for the Cucco Wings, that’s why in most cases an alternative route will be available (but won’t always be there).

More maps means more places for events and NPCs, and I took care to include spots for some interesting stuff.
The monsters in here won’t be THAT strong, but the place itself will be dangerous to get through.
There’s an underwater pool you have to traverse. There’s sea between the two islands, afterall!

I’ve done the math: there’s 53 new maps compared to the latest pre-rebranding version, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun exploring all these new places we’ve worked so hard to bring you!

Soon enough I’ll show new items and new Progeny mechanics, meant to populate the game world in ways you’ve never seen anywhere else.

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