Dev Update!

Welcome back!

A lot to report, both game-wise and about what’s happening around this project!

New Quest Journal

Here’s the look of the updated Quest Journal, now with banners (37 different ones are ready, over the 60 we need) that fit the main location and characters you’ll meet during it!

Every time a new piece of the UI gets adjusted to the game’s new look I end up asking myself why didn’t I do it sooner. It was the same this time too.

New faction and castle: the Queen in the Sky

There’s Princesses, and then there’s Queens.

With unmatched power and iron… claw… the Queen and her dragon knights reign over the whole Kingdom! The strangest bunch accompanies them and those power hungry characters won’t hesitateto make use of the Knight for their own personal gain!

You won’t be able to walk in just like that without being seen as an intruder, first you’ll have to prove your worth to the Queen’s men (there’s 3 new quests for that purpose~)!

The castle already has a lot of rooms and a bunch of characters are going to be made to inhabit it!

New Meeting Spots

There’s “quantity“, there’s “quality“, and then there’s “QUANTITY

More than 100 new unique dialogues for these 2 zones: the Civil Ship and the Queen’s Inner Court!
As usual you may be able to meet (and fuck) every kind of character in there, with the usual unusual twists!

You may be able to find on the Civil Ship (normally dressed/swimsuit/naked) every race that isn’t at war with the region of departure or arrival of the ship!

No race is restricted when it comes to the Queen’s Inner Court, but watch your back! Noone know what those characters had to do in order to be allowed in there!

New Scenes (last week only)

  • Wyvern Princess main route is now 60% complete
  • Added Cat x Insect fluff scene

New Items (listing the ones with special effects only)

  • Gorgon Shield (part of the Medusa Armaments set): chanche to cause Fear upon blockin melee hits.
  • Prize-winning Carrot: +2 Affinity with Beast Princesses (Cat,Dog,Mouse,Rabbit and Goblin if Bugbear)

New places and lore

The Monastery hosts the higher ups of the Church! In P&C they act as the armed “claw” of the Queen, controlling the vast Kingdom on her behalf. They are involved in Wyvern’s route, so we’ll definitely see more of them soon, including new staple NPCs!



In the Pantheon the last heroes that valiantly fought against the Tyrant are being held… captive? Are they even alive?

Will the Knight manage to wake them up from their deathless slumber?



Status Update

Things are moving, and we’re absolutely confident the solution is near! This week might be a good one to finally be able to share some good news!


Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude!


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  1. What a titan job! The game will become incredible. Good luck to you !

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