New items!

Between the myriad of things we’re taking care of right now, we didn’t forget about the FUN stuff!

Here’s 3 new items that will surely vary the gameplay even more! Thanks to Tsu as always for the awesome icons!

  • Gas_Mask G4sM-ausk

This top of the line gas mask, model G4sM-ausk, is the only way for the Knight’s team to survive the poisonous areas of the Kingdom Below!

If you have Slime, Golem, Skeleton or Ghost Princess leading your party (or a Progeny of that race) you obtain the same effect, though!

Poison does damage over time, it will be close to impossible to survive there without someone that resists it (or being stacked with potions!)
  •  Gorgon Shield

Here’s a rare piece equipments with a special effect, pretty useful and fun I’d say, that can be obtained only after the chain of events that lead to the opening of the Sunken Ruins!

In addition to its nice defensive stats (mostly Magic Defense) if struck often enough it will auto-cast Fear on your enemies!

  •  Bone Rattles

Shake shake! The wearer gains the skill: Samba!

Samba!” will replace the user’s skill! The enemies will burst into dance for a short time and won’t be able to fight back while doing so.
They will also be used to distract guards and will have their own sound effect!

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  1. is there a way we can follow the process of your lawsuit iv’e been wanting to know hows it going?

    1. No, I don’t plan to have anything like a social feed to keep anyone updated with the lawsuit’s status, I’m doing that only for the team members, and only when something important happens.
      This is mostly because, since it’s going well, I don’t want to compromise anything or to moderate inappropriate comments and finally I’d like my pages to be about the game only.

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