Year’s End Update of the Dead!

Coincidence or not, it’s all about dead stuff! Let’s cover some of the changes made during these Holidays!

Skeleton Princess rework

Skeleton gal got most of her questline rewrote, together with the addition of a new dowry!

The Bone Rattles

Even more importantly, her first route is now being added!
Will the Knight convince the spooky lady to marry him?

Only the dead will see.

Ghost Princess rework

This one goes way deeper:

  • She’s now completely mute.
  • Her reign is now surrounded by a barrier during nighttime, making it invincible and inaccessible.

  • You can destroy such thing~
  • Her route will also unlock after you successfully break the barrier!


Together with a complete overhaul of her pre-recruitment questline several additions have been made. New hidden areas to visit, new quests and a completely new item that will be shown today for the first time!

Before talking about it, though, it’s better if I introduce: 

The Putridarium

Death is not the end.

Under the Chapel you will now find a bunch of coffins, most of the empty at the beginning of the game, except for one.

If one of the Princesses dies during a playthrough her corpse will be sent in one of those coffins and guarded by the Church of Conquest. It will also possible to read about the cause of the Princess’ death by checking her coffin!

And now: how to use them!? Because there’s great power in Princess’ Souls, isn’t that obvious?


If the soul of a dead Princess is still somewhere around the Kingdom, it will definitely answer the whistle’s call!
Keep in mind that if you “accidentally” kill a Princess and take her Soul for yourself, that one won’t be able to reach the Putridarium!

Once they answer the call, you will be able to ask them one out of two wishes, for each little soul! There’s 2 kinds of wishes:

  • Egg wish: its effect lasts 1 week. Doesn’t consume the Soul.
  • Chicken wish: immediate effect. Consumes the Soul.

Some examples:

  • Harvest Princess / EGG: 1 week of sunny weather / CHICKEN: +100 Population to all the Reigns
  • Goblin Princess / EGG: 1 week with upped Fertility for all the Princesses / CHICKEN: +3 Wealth to all the Reigns
  • Ghost Princess / EGG: 1 week of Safe Nights (no Reign can fall under a siege during night-time) / CHICKEN: Resurrect 1 Princess and recruit her
  • Moth Princess / EGG: 1 week-long night / CHICKEN: +5 Diplomacy between all the Reigns

And so on… funny stuff to make every playthrough even more different if someone accidentaly kicks the bucket!

Of course when I said that there’s a coffin already available at the beginning of the game I was talking about Ghost’s, but that doesn’t mean that the whistle will be found on her~


I hope you’re as excited as I am! Happy New Year, we’ll deal with the lawsuit soon and get back building the most fun eroge ever~


On that note, while we wait for Wyvern‘s dedicated animations, she already has 2 made with her unique pallette!

Faun‘s new adult scene will also get added in the first possible occasion, Akai’s giving the finishing touches to his new animation!


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