New mechanics: Wishes and Life Force!

Here’s a couple new mechanics, already completely developed, that I’ve added in the last week.

Life Force

Simply put: the balance between the living and the dead.

If it rises, during your travels you will more likely meet one of the many living races that populate the Kingdom.

If there’s too many wars, or famine spreading (pestilence soon?), the Kingdom’s Life Force will drop and you will find way more NPCs of undead races!

It will naturally float to reflect the Kingdom’s status but, as you’ll see in this post, there will be other tricks to influence it, for better or worst.

Soul Wishes

All the wishes for the Putridarium are ready!

  • EggW Egg Wish: 1 week duration. Reusable.
  • ChickenW Chicken Wish: 1 time only. Exhausts the Soul. Consider it the parting gift a Princess has in store for the Kingdom.

If a Princess accidentally dies (and you didn’t trap her soul like Bill Murray would have done) you will be able to use the Soul Whistle to get wishes!


Here’s all of them.

Human Princess

  • EggW Tea Festival EggW

For a week, doubles the chance of positive events during Tea Parties.

  • ChickenW Army: March! ChickenW

Increase the sword Power of all Reigns by 2!

Slime Princess

  • EggW Slimy Alchemy EggW

For a week, using any healing item could grant a random stat increase to the user.

  • ChickenW Life Outburst ChickenW

To all your undead Progeny will be granted Life and Kingdom’s Life Force increases by 100!

Golem Princess

  • EggW Golem Rocks EggW

For a week, breaking rocks can reward you unusual items.

  • ChickenW Impossible Love ChickenW

Recieve the Galatea set of armor and fist weapon!

Insect Princess

  • EggW Ripening EggW

For a week, eggs will hatch twice as fast.

  • ChickenW Baby Boom! ChickenW

Increase all Reigns’ Population by 200!

Skeleton Princess

  • EggW Killing Wish EggW 

For a week, killing enemies  has a chance to increase your Affinity with Undead races.

  • ChickenW Death: March! ChickenW

Decrease the Kingdom’s Life Force by 200!

Desert Princess

  • EggW Corruption Resilience EggW

For a week the Corruption of your party members won’t increase during fights.

  • ChickenW Kingdom Erotica! ChickenW

Increase the Kingdom Lewdness by 30!

Ghost Princess

  • EggW Impregnable Nights EggW

For a week, no Reign can fall by siege during night-time.

Just like ghosts at peak performance!
  • ChickenW Soul Transfer! ChickenW

Resurrect one dead Princess under your control!

Goblin Princess

  • EggW Goblin Shark EggW

For a week, increase the swirl.png Swirlies gains by 25%.

  • ChickenW Capitalism! ChickenW

Increase the coin.png Wealth of all Reigns by 3!

Moth Princess

  • EggW Rising Dark EggW

A week-long night.

  • ChickenW Friendship! ChickenW 

Increase all Reigns’ Diplomacy by 5!

Cat Princess

  • EggW Cat Nap EggW

For a week, sleeping in inns grants your whole team a 10% bonus to all stats! Reverts if you sleep at the Campsite or you’re outside at 6 a.m.

  • ChickenW Black Cat Curse! ChickenW

Curse the Cat Reign! Who’s controlling it may suffer grave losses!

Those pesky moths don’t know what they’re in for!

Mouse Princess (currently unkillable)

  • EggW Scavenging Talent EggW

For a week, increase the chance of enemies dropping items and equipments by 25%.

  • ChickenW High Walls! ChickenW

Increase the shield.png Defense of all Reigns by 2!

Rabbit Princess

  • EggW Motherly Instinct EggW

For a week, increase the quality of the newborn Progeny.

  • ChickenW Heir Rush! ChickenW

Every Princess still sitting on her throne will get pregnant!

Harvest Princess

  • EggW Sunny Disposition EggW

For a week, only Hot days and no food.png Food shortage for any Reign.

  • ChickenW  Fertile Lands! ChickenW

Two new Fertile Fields will appear, granting food.png Food to the Reigns controlling them!

*poof* The bunnies are now well fed!

I will now proceed to add an additional page to the Status Screen, to show hidden stats like the Kingdom Lewdness, the Life Force and more. It won’t be available from the beginning of the game, but it will prove itself useful if you want to tune the Kingdom as you wish!

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