Slave Auctions upgrade!

Here’s another piece falling into place!

Slave Auctions before today were only used from the goblins to cash out on the Princesses they manage to get their hands on. Now it’s a whole new story!

If you have a pass Slaver Pass in your hands, you’ll be able to join the daily auctions the goblins hold in their palace!

The starting “goods” are the races that do not have a reign of their own, namely kobolds, dogs, driders and even lamias.
Without a powerful Princesses protecting them they’re perfect targets for the goblins’ slave hunters!

Of course as your playthrough unfolds all the defeated races will be added to the list of the available ones.

Consider that an auction normally would last 120 seconds, I’ve cut the timer down to 30 seconds in order to shorten the lenght of the video as much as possible.

The starting price for this slime was pretty low, slime aren’t considered that valuable, and that’s the reason why it didn’t get many offers.

As the desirability of the slave increases, so do the number of partecipants and of offers it will recieve!

Desirability is influenced by:

  • race’s rarity (from kobolds… to lamias)
  • frequency (a race that was often sold in the previous week loses value)
  • slave’s level (1 to 10)
  • slave’s profession

Now, about “professions”, the most valuable one of course being Princess of the Reign, I’ve come up with a number of them.
These 10 professions reflect how the Parent Stats lo Love, lu Lustpo Power, we Wealth) of the slaves have been distributed. We have:

  • Warrior ( lo 10% lu 10% po 70% we 10% )
  • Bounty Hunter ( lo 10% lu 10% po 40% we 40% )
  • Merchant ( lo 10% lu 10% po 10% we 70% )
  • Courtesan ( lo 10% lu 40% po 10% we 40% )
  • Harlot ( lo 10% lu 70% po 10% we 10% )
  • Maiden ( lo 70% lu 10% po 10% we 10% )
  • Noble ( lo 40% lu 10% po 10% we 40% )
  • Bocca di Rosa ( lo 40% lu 40% po 10% we 10% )
  • Wild One ( lo 25% lu 25% po 25% we 25% )
  • Gifted One (all unallocated)

There will be surely space for more.

Now, to show how intense they can get, I’ve cheated in order to get a shiny one on the following day’s auction…


And the offers went through the roof.


There’s something you cannot buy with money” makes no sense to a goblin.

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    1. Slave x Slave can breed already.
      Slave x Progeny can breed already.
      Slave x Knight will definitely be able to.

  1. How do you acess slaves?
    I got one in the auction, named it, and then… I have no idea how to interact with it

    1. Your playable companions are kept by Dear, the bunnysuit girl in the Faun’s Tavern!

  2. I’m still a bit confused on something. I’ve got a slave, I’m able to get her from Dear and do general interactions with her but I’ve no idea on how to breed her with my knight.

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