[Animation #72] Human NPCs

Finally humans have their own animation too!

Of course there’s different versions for all the hair/skin colour combinations, there’s all kinds of humans in the Kingdom after all!

We went a little overboard this time, handholding and all.
I’m sorry if someone feels offended by this.

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  1. The more you share, the more excited I get for the next release.
    Any chance you can share some good news soon?

  2. could you post an actual buying version of the game somewhere ? I thing it would give you enough money to work on the game until patreon reactive your page.

    1. No, but you can send a generous donation to paypal.me/towerdad anyway~!

      1. Considering your patreon account actually charged me while being suspended I think either refunding or providing something is necessary. Especially since it seems impossible to remove my pledge to you while your account is suspended.

      2. Sure, that wasn’t requested by us, of course. You have to message me on Patreon though!

      3. Just in case anyone is looking or wanted an update the issue was resolved. Patreon’s recent maintenance most likely forced the payment request but Towerfag refunded the charges as soon as contacted.

  3. Could you add some interactivity to H-scenes? Like we can click to touch certain parts or have certain animations.

    1. That would be feasible, but consider that all these animations are drawn frame by frame, for this reason every variation to the sequence would need new frames and a lot of additional work to our only (for now) animator.

  4. Does this page have an RSS option? I prefer it to twitter.

  5. I would gladly offer my services for recoloring animations for the different colored variants to take stress of the main animator. I can’t do much, but I can do that.

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