Dev Update from a perilous Kingdom

Hey! Long time no see!

Just a couple details, then everything I’ve wanted for the launch of Princess & Conquest will be completed, including the new human animations (that come in 12 different flavours~)!
Time to pack it up and have it ready to be delivered at any time!

Once that’s done, I’ll resume adding new content to the game, fleshing out more routes (Skeleton, Ghost and Wyvern) and more big stuff (see the end of this post), but those new features will likely end up in a later version.

That being said, there’s much to show today and much more to look forward to, as always.

Slumbering City and Resistances


Princess & Conquest has plenty of places visited daily by a whole spectrum of monsters, humanoids and the likes, but as you challenge the Knight’s limits to reach the Kingdom’s bounds you’ll find yourself often in deserted, dangerous and gloomy places!

Sure, there’s always treasures to hunt and secrets to discover, but wether or not it is worth the effort you won’t be able to tell in advance.

The Slumbering City is one of those inhospitable places, filled with deadly poisonous gas, which leads us to…


This new column (WIP) in the characters’ menu will be used to show the Resistances your party member has and also abilities that could be useful to travel around the Kingdom.

Poison and Ice Resistance, Flight and Swim are already fully functional!
Some races have one or two of those skills granted from the get go, in other occasions you’ll need special equiments to provide for your needs!

Search for warm clothes, heat-emanating items (like the Kobby2.png Chunga Root) or for companions that don’t fear the cold if you want to travel safely the icy regions of the Kingdom!

Turtle Time Magic!

In the long forgotten city, giant remains of dragon-sized turtles are scattered around. They’re big enough for a man to fit in!

While their civilization is now extinct, those giant never aging turtles had unrivalled power in the underground world. It’s been centuries since the calamity that destroyed their city struck, but their powerful magic still lingers in that place.



You know how I prefer to tie metagame elements to ingame events, I really don’t like to break the immersion. 

This is the ingame method to restart your playthrough!

There’s many things you can carry over thanks to the Mimic1.png MISTERY BOX!
You should take care to plan everything in advance if you want to restart your match! 


Enough bugging the Dev! At last the auto-save function is here.


The game will now be automatically saved on Slot 16 every new ingame day, after every game world’s event has finished loading. This way there shouldn’t be unavoidable crashes right after the auto-save!

 Pillow Fights!

Finally the weapon we’ve all been waiting for: the Pillow Hammer!


Too soft to resist, your enemies will fall asleep, defenseless, if you hit them with this scaringly effective weapon!

Doesn’t work on bosses though…

20 new challengers incoming!

Saving the best for last!

By this month 20 (!!!) new Princesses, chosen to fit the game biomes we’ve yet to fill, will be created!

The 6 categories are:

  • Sea/Deep Waters
  • Unholy/Occult
  • Hell/Volcano
  • Jungle/Wild
  • Underground
  • Sky/Heaven

Each one of these will have 3 to 4 entries, it’s finally time to prepare for the next Reigns!

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    1. Like I’ve said everywhere, I’ll refund anyone asking, we’re not the ones that caused you getting charged on February. Just message me on Patreon!

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