Crystal, hard, Dev Update

Another recruitable party member joins the cast! There’s no end to them.

Crystal Princess


This new girl will be found as you travel to the Underground regions of the Kingdom!

She comes with crazy high defences, pretty much on par with dragons, but also with a tiny setback: she can’t walk!

During fights, if you switch to her, she will be stuck in that spot until you switch her out! Luckily she can throw her shards around, but there’s also a much bigger weapon in her arsenal…

Her outstanding HP/Defence/Magic Defence stats give her usually enough time to charge her Crystal Crash skill, which few enemies will be able to survive!

However, getting hit will slow down the charging process (and compared to the video I’ve increased that slowdown by 50%).

She’s already fully operational and, as Moss before her, she has her own recruitment scene and will have her own unique lines for the Tavern and Campsite!

And now… art dump!

Lamia Nuns


Lamias join the Church of Conquest‘s ranks!
You’ll get to know more about them during the final part of Wyvern’s route and many other future routes will touch the subject.

Mimic Scene

Mimic Princess’ scene has been reworked to reflect her new looks and animation!


The HUGE TREASURE Dungeon now really has a great treasure awaiting who manages to reach its end, if the Mimic1 MYSTERY BOX, one of the most useful items in the whole game, wasn’t enough!


While all the Dragon Princesses are pretty much ready, we’re waiting for the Queen to join them before showing the whole family! Prepare to remain speechless, I’m sure of it!

In the meantime Rabbit Princess’ new animation is close to be ready, all the quest logs have almost finished being rewritten, there’s a new SEs for the Bone_Rattle Bone Rattles and soon the BGM for the Queen’s Castle will be taken care of!

The next Princess that will get the Moss and Crystal treatment will either be Knight, Frog or Mimic herself, I’ll take a little time to decide, got more urgent matters to take care of, before that!

There will be much more ART™ to show this month!

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