Wet Dev Update

There’s a lot of work to do, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go and dig myself deeper in it!

Hammerhead Port

The first location you’ll reach while visiting the shores of the Kingdom! It’s a crucial location to reach all the sea-related Reigns (legally, at least)!

Here’s an early version of the map and the first sketch of the Princess that rules and manages customs in the Port!
It’s a WIP, there’s already many changes I’ve planned for her.

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Hammerhead Princess! *SHA SHA*

The Hammerhead Sharks are vassals of the Princess of all(?) Seas, they keep the port safe and stop the armies that would like to reach their ruler!

Hammerhead Princess is the top dog in Hammerhead Port.
She and her buff subjects make sure ships are free to come and go freely, provided they’re friends of Sea Princess!

Honest and hard-working, can become scary quickly if you try to trick or elude her. Hammerhead sharks are very territorial, you’ve been warned!

There are many facilities in this area, but my favourite one (and the only one that’s ready! ha ha) is certainly…

The Golden Stump

Hideout (not much hidden) of the hag of the seas, Pirate Princess!

The girl amassed a huge amount of preciouses during her life of raids!
Now that she’s past her prime she has chosen to use part of it for a “good cause”.

Her enstablishment, the Golden Stump, gives work to boys and girls from the Kingdom that lost one of their limbs (just like her)!
Damaged goods” would have no place in a warring Kingdom, not even to be sold as slaves, but she’s better than that!
They can work in her club, dancing, serving drinks and having fun with their hosts, swarming from all over the Kingdom just to spend time with them!

There’s adult events and unique dialogues for all NPCs races, like usual! it’s a huge work every time, but it’s so worth it!

Do not mind the sharks swimming under the dancefloor, they’re well trained, more or less.

Look at the sea…

I’m really satisfied with this portual area and the characters that you’ll find in it.
Like, really. It’s one of my favourite areas as of today and there’ll be plenty of things to do and see.
It was fun and challenging building it so it would be both credible and quirky, I know you’ll love it.

Back to a more general view, the seas in Princess & Conquest are big enough to host 2 (of the remaining 7) main Reigns:

The Sea Reign

Ruled by Sea Princess, highly civilized, powerful but mostly peaceful, built in order to be able to host water and land creatures.
The Princess rules also over the sharks of Hammerhead Port, so you can expect her to be powerful and intimidanting enough to rule over those fierce creatures of the sea!
If war breaks, the Sea Reign will be reachable by the other Princesses in the Kingdom only if they deal with Hammerhead Princess first!

The Abyss/Deep Sea Reign

Ruled by Abyss Princess, it’s only accessible to water creatures.
Aggressive towards its neighbours, will try to raid the Reigns that made the mistake to put tents too close to the Kingdom’s shores!
While the other Princesses can defend themselves from their assaults, they won’t be able to move their troops underwater and siege the Abyss.
Sea Princess is the only exception to this rule.

While the port is close to be ready, the rest of the Sea Reigns will get done if this biome happens to be the one winning next poll!
I’ll send word when the time to vote comes!

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  1. I’d recommend looking for a different platform than patreon as a lot of other developers have been getting hit recently

    1. Getting hit for “inappropriate” content is not our problem. However, we’re not bound to Patreon alone and will release the game also on many other platforms!

      1. I was just warning you as I’ve been following other developers who are releasing content with similar themes…also if I may ask do you have an ETA on when you’ll be able to release the next updates?

  2. How is the lawsuit going? If someone is still delaying, wouldn’t that fall well into intentional case delay with malicious intent, or however it translates into English? I would say it is time to sue them back for your actual and potential losses. It has been few months already. I would love to see what you would be able to do with the project with extra $100k in the pocket.

  3. Not one booty pun with pirate princess? I’m disapointed 😀
    Anyway how is the lawsuit going? Any light in sight?

  4. What is happening with the lawsuit? This is taking awfully long time. Sue their asses back for prolonging this nonsense and causing you massive losses.

    1. My guess is he’s not allowed to talk about the lawsuit but considering he’s still working on the game pretty efficiently I’d guess it isn’t going bad. Pretty sure Conquest was more popular than the game the guy with the copyright made so chances are towerfag can “outlawyer” the other party with the money but it’s just a guess.

  5. Ok ok hold up is towergirls kingdom and princess and conquest the same game. And if not how do i get this game

    1. P&C is rebranded, heavily changed in the mechanics, much more expanded, deepened and refined. You can’t get it yet though, because I’m a meanie.

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