Necromancy I

Here’s a basic introduction to an important new mechanic!


I love how ductile this project has become, in just some days of work something completely new and well integrated with the game around it can be added. Shit’s fun.

In the chest you can only find the most basic components to conjure a new friend, but just how convenient is that?!

Whether you want it to become another soldier in your army or a fuck-buddy, whether you want to adopt it or to resurrect it into another race, everything is already possible out-of-the-box!

Needless to say, Necromancy will play an important role in the Skeleton Princess’ route I’m currently working on (“I will (not) marry you“), there’ll be time to talk about it once I’ll have dealt with its next step!

Two new items, not counting the various kinds of bones you will find in dungeons, have been added for this new mechanic:

  • dean The Death Not 

The most basic tool you will need in order to get into Necromancy! Combine up to 7 bones and try to conjure different kinds of skeletons!

At least 1 Skull (any kind will do), 1 Ribcage and 2 arms (arms can be made by specific bones, called “Skeletal Arms“, or by other pieces) are required in order to start!
Every time you conjure a skeleton, though, the Kingdom’s Life Force drops a little, the triumph of death over life becomes a little closer.

Oh! You will need to sign the page of the Death Not with the name of your new companion too!

  • Bonem Bone Magnet

This little tool makes it much easier to gather bones!

Just equip it and you will have a chance to drop bones together with the normal loots you get from monsters!

That’s not the only way to get them though, except killing skeletons I’ve added several locations where you can find the bone parts you’ll need, and there’s also a HUGE dungeon where you can farm them freely!



Lastly, look forward to next week.

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  1. Wow! Every update a new surprise! There is a release date for this game?

    1. they’re currently going through legal trouble so there is no eta on a release date

    1. Fair enough. We were expecting to get back online, but then Patreon support decided to play dead. They’re not the only ones to blame, though.

      1. Do you have an update on the situation that you can share? I’m really looking forwards to the game. Great work so far!

  2. So it’s been a couple weeks now. You said to look forward to next week, but no updates. Is there anything you are able to tell us?

    1. Evil tongues would say not everyone is equally eager to get this dealt with at the same speed.

      1. That makes it sound almost like there may be a party making this take longer than it should….

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