Religion in the Time of Black Holes

Centuries before the events of Princess & Conquest, the dragons enstablished they were far too important to directly govern over earthly matters, that’s why they founded the Church of Conquest, in charge of celebrating their greatness and keeping the masses at bay.
Over the passing years that balance changed though, the Church’s increasing power and influence over people of all races has become something even the Queen has a hard time dealing with.
The higher echelons, with the pretext of keeping firm the Queen’s rule over the “Kingdom Below”, now use their influence to suggest the tyrant what would be best for the royal family. Suggestions even the Queen has to consider.

The Church of Conquest is, all in all, a new faction of the game, but won’t be directly ruled by a Princess or partake in war against the queen’s subjects.

They’re enstablished in the Chapel and the Sky Lift in the Northern Region and, while the leaders reside in the Queen’s castle, the cult’s base is the Monastery of Conquest, in the Kingdom Above.

Not far from each other, the Monastery and the Queen’s Castle.

The Monastery of Conquest

A huge complex of buildings that would make any Princess’ castle pale in comparison. And it’s sitting on soft, white clouds!

From the main hall any visitor is allowed to enter the Library (that will soon host an important NPC), while the Graveyard, the Torture Chambers, the Royal Archives and the Cathedral aren’t open to any knight passing by!

The Cathedral, the most important religious building in the Kingdom.
A basic look to the main areas of the Monastery, what you can find in each one is VERY different!
The Torture Chambers a.k.a. the BDSM dungeon for unruly nuns~

Only dragons, lamias (the noblest races) and humans (the most widespread race) are allowed to enroll as nuns and serve the Church of Conquest.
As a result, you will only find those races of NPCs in the Monastery.

Just as any other faction, there’s special items you will only be able to find or buy in their premises. There’s a lot of them, actually!
Most of the icons are the next on the line to get done.

(I’ve started giving ranks to items, it helps keeping things balanced or unbalancing them in the right way, depending on the occasion! I’ve updated the Items page with the complete ranking! The ranks are C/B/A/S, only a couple got an S for now~)

  • Purifying Salts

A simple consumable. Reduces Corruption by 2, as long as it isn’t 10.

  • Prayer Prayer: Lesser Drake [Rank C]

A single use item that transforms your Progeny into a “lesser drake”, works on Kobold Princess too!

Blobba, the slime, kept her ample bosom after the transformation. Lucky!

This effect isn’t revertible, unlike the Rabbit1.png Lapin Headband or the Golem1 Mechanical Core you can equip or remove at will!

  • Prayer Prayer: Purify [Rank A]

A single use item that completely heals any level of Corruption! You can only get 1 by normal means, so use it with parsimony or work your way around such limitations!

  • Prayer Prayer: Life Breath [Rank B]

A single use item that increases the Life Force of the Kingdom by 20.

Undead BEGONE!

Life Force influences the living/undead ratio of the Kingdom’s NPCs, it raises with prolonged wars or scarce food, as it’s to be expected.

(see Mechanics)

The Church of Conquest fights against the undead rising, and that’s why Skeleton Princess’ route will bring you right in the heart of this dispute~

  • Pious Sash [Rank C]

Counterpart of the Prize-Winning Carrot (increases Affinity with Beast Princesses by 2), this humble sash is easily recognizable and marks the Knight as friend of the Church, increasing Affinity with Living Princesses by 2!

It’s very flimsy though, it’s destroyed upon removal!

  • Rejuvenating Beads [Rank C]

Grants a % of health to recover over time.

Its “rejuvenating” effect will become a thing in a later update, now that I’ve successfully made some categories of Progeny sexually “untouchable”.

  • Crusader Sword [Rank A]

Heavily guarded inside the Cathedral, capable of SMITING anyone who errs in the Kingdom Below, breaking the rules the Church of Conquest and the Queen set long time ago.

The sword’s wielder can call forth the Crusade.

Expect an equal number of items for the Queen’s faction and to piss off many lowly Princesses while serving her!
Why would you even want to do that?! Who knows…

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