Queen’s Spire and Conspirations

Just like we did for the Church of Conquest last week, let’s take a look to another faction: the Queen‘s!

Involving yourself with them won’t be easy and likely won’t get yourself the friendship of the other lowly Princesses, but it comes with some truly nice trinkets!

Too bad they won’t let you in at first.

Finding the castle, the “Queen’s Spire“, won’t prove itself difficult, if you manage to reach the Kingdom Above. Too bad they’re not that interested into becoming friends with the Knight, and the Guild doesn’t offer quests to improve your Affinity with them from the get go!

Symphaty for the Tyrant

Once you get the cooperation of a certain impish character, the Guild will start offering you quests that reward the needed Affinity! However, those missions will certainly end up messing someone else’s plans.

What the Queen desires the most is order. She doesn’t want lowly Princesses fighting and gaining power without her supervision, that’s why she wants you to enforce the Queen’s peace, asking any knight that wants to be regarded as a faithful one to:

  • win field battles
  • stop sieges
  • make reigns fall (without rescuing the Princess)

The currency of the Tyrant

Being powerful, spoiled and living in a castle on the clouds could alter your values. Or so the lowlives say.

The Kingdom’s currency, the delicious swirl Swirlies, do not circulate in the Queen’s Spire. After all who lives in there already has all his wishes granted and no measly merchant can enter the castle, what would be the point of having candies sitting around?

That of course doesn’t mean the prideful, egoistical, rude, residents of the Spire have no desire.
Lately a limited edition sweet, the qpi Queen Praline has gotten quite popular! The nobles of the Spire would do anything to get their hands on some and having just 1 of them in your inventory grants you free access to the castle, regardless of your Affinity with the Queen!


As we’ve said, money doesn’t circulate here, that’s why you’ll have to use your own hard-earned Affinity with the Queen’s faction in order to buy delicious chocolate!

Be aware, though. Since their stock is limited, as you hold more qpi with you, keeping them outside the Spire’s market, the price you’ll pay for another one increases!

Be glad, though. Since their stock is limited, as you hold more qpi with you, keeping them outside the Spire’s market, the value they’ll have to the nobles increases!

That’s the whole point. The nobles will trade Pralines for unique treasures!

The treasures of the Tyrant

I wanted this new set of items to reflect the attitude of this faction!
Power! Arrogance! Domination!

  • Contract1 Breeding Contract (Dragon) [Rank: C]

[Only equippable by the Knight] “The newborn of the Princess you breed with gets sent to Dragon Queen!”

Works only on Princesses still sitting on their thrones. But why would you want to be so cruel?! To part a heir from her royal mother is…

Something that happened all the time. The kid will be growing in the Spire and acquire the skillset he’ll need to be a noble faithful to the Queen in future. You also gain 5000 swirl and 5 Affinity with the Queen!

The mother won’t like it though, and you’ll lose 1 Affinity point with her faction and 1 Relationship point with her.

  • DB Dragon Boom [Rank: C / B]

The one and only gun in the whole game, for now. Acts both as a melee and a ranged weapon. HOW UNFAIR! Nice.


That’s not all though! You can even dual wield it, replacing the “Dragon Boom” skill with the “Boom Dragoon” one, for increased damage and fire rate!

  • CC Conqueror Crown [Rank: B]

“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.”

Doubles the effect of your victories in field battles and sieges. As you flash the crown, symbol of the power of the Dragon Queen over the whole Kingdom, the losers will feel the weight of the defeat to be doubled!

This means you’ll save time while lifting sieges or pushing back armies and that you’ll suffer minor losses of Affinity to reach the same result, as you’ll halve the number of needed battles!

  • QM Queen‘s Milk [Rank: A]

“Priceless beverage, milked directly from the Queen’s udders.”

A cup of this milk makes wonders for mothers-to-be!

First, I have to specify that pregnancy now comes with a general debuff for the Princess in wait, with a 33% drop in all her stats! That’s only reasonable, at least for humanoid beings.

Let’s call this status psic.png Pregnancy Sickness.

This kobold is pregnant!

Of course no Queen can allow herself to look weak and vulnerable while waiting to bear her Progeny, that’s why drinking the Queen’s Milk will have various benefical effects:

  • Getting rid of psic.png Pregnancy Sickness, replaced by his positive counterpart, pbu.png Pregnancy Buff, granting a 10% buff to all stats!
  • The Progeny will be of better quality (increased stats)!
  • The Progeny will have the curvier/bulkier body type available!

Mothers-to-be will fight like a dragon would to protect her precious cargo!

  • ENC Queen’s New Clothes [Rank: A]

“Extremely refined garments. The fabric’s so precious it’s invisible to anyone hopelessly stupid or unfit for his position.”

What a precious costume this is! While completely invisible, anyone wearing it will pretend not to notice! Gift it to your favourite Princess or simply equip it to one of your party members, they’ll be completely naked all the time!

Wearing the Queen’s New Clothes Mouse Princess (custom) doesn’t notice she’s naked!

That’ll be everything for now, next I’ll show some new Dowries for old factions that needed new quirks!

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  1. Would we be getting the THICC forms for all Princesses, from the Lump on a Stick anytime soon?

    Also love the idea of the Dragon Queen now being a playable part of the game, but I think everyone is asking this. How goes the lawsuit from Gats? Does it look to be going in your favor? and will it be ending soon?

  2. really with so much progress of the game make you want to play it, I see and see how it improves more and my hype increases more and more. when are we going to be able to play it?

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