Lacomia, Dragon Princess

Here’s the first!

Each one of the Dragon Princesses will represent a sin, Greed being the first one. As you can expect they won’t be easy to deal with!

She’s incredibly greedy and unwilling to share her treasures.
Can you guess where she’s keeping her Dragon Gem, her most prized treasure and symbol of her status as a royal dragoness?

The Dragon Princesses will be 7:

  • Lacomia, the Greed
  • Mandrya, the Pride
  • Silene, the Sloth
  • Gat’Maw, the Gluttony
  • Szpeta, the Envy
  • Dragostea, the Lust
  • and the unknown Wrath

The game’s world is now big enough for all of them, I’ve already reserved the perfect spot for each one of them~

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  1. But will we be able to recruit them, or will they just end our playthrough?

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