Mandrya, Dragon Princess

Here’s the second one!

The massive, scaley, incarnation of Pride.

She prefers to avoid any contact with the external world and likes to dig herself in scientific tomes and also chronicles from the Kingdom. Her dragon gem is the lens she uses even if her vision is perfect. Does it hold any special power?!

She will look down on anybody, being it a larva or another dragon, it doesn’t make a difference to her.

Breaking the ice with her requires some serious effort, but she’s one of the few Princesses with her own ending and her castle has got some new rooms you can explore! Maybe you’ll find something interesting in there!

The bespectacled Princess o’ Ice.

Make sure you wear some warm clothes (try cat and rabbit people) or let someone resisting cold temperatures  ABcold lead the way, else you’ll have a hard time getting there!

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