Silene, Dragon Princess

Time for another one!

She represents sloth… I guess? Who cares… don’t bother me with this stuff.

While her sisters happily go around causing havoc or build magnificent castles in their honor, she’d rather stay hidden somewhere, spending her time dozing off.

Despite the peaceful look she’s scaringly powerful and sturdy, she could probably beat most of her sisters if she’d manage to set her mind on it.
That won’t happen anytime soon, though, it’d be a drag.

Before looking for her you’d better make sure poisonous areas aren’t an obstacle for your team! Build up that Poison Resistance ABpoison.png!

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  1. I’m not exactly sure where this “somewhere” is and how to get there. I’ve spent 3 hours searching for her, and I still couldn’t find her. Did I miss something?

      1. Is there a way to the underground? How do i get there? I apologise for asking a lot of questions.

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