All hail Despina, Dragon Queen

Time to bring out the big guns!

Despina is the mother of all the Dragon Princesses and rules over the whole Kingdom from the time the “War of the Conquest” ended, centuries before the events happening in Princess & Conquest.

She was always on the frontline, leading armies herself through hordes of enemies, earning the many scars she now proudly displays on her powerful body.

DQ full.png
Towering over all the other dragons, the Queen is the mightiest being in the whole Kingdom.

She’s a Zmeu, and Elder Dragon, an extinct and powerful breed capable of transforming freely, but until now she has failed in giving birth to another one of her kind: the Dragon Princesses aren’t like her!

DQ full.png
She looks great even as a HUGE humanoid queen. Yes, she does lay eggs in this form, why do you ask?

Cruel and ironfisted, it is said she has founded the Church of Conquest herself, giving it the task of keeping the Kingdom stable after the “War of the Conquest” was over.
Order is the thing she values and desires the most and she always gets what she wants.

The Queen’s Route will be a thing, narrating the events happened during the “War of the Conquest” that led to the formation of the Kingdom as it currently is.
There, I’ve said it.


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  1. So is it cool if I download 1.14 from a torrent since it isn’t up on your site anymore.

  2. she is so cool!!! can’t wait for the next update! I will definetly buy the game when I have the money 😀

  3. Is Patreon giving you trouble for guidelines or something? I know it’s not ideal since you’d lose old subscriptions but there’s always SubscribeStar if Patreon tries to force you to change your content. Patreon has become a pretty bad subscription platform.

    1. It depends…. you’ve KILLED her during the playthrough? Then no.
      Otherwise, yes.

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