Dea Vult!

A little preview about the newest addition to the party is only proper!

After dealing with her at Sphinx’s you’ll be able to get Crusader Princess to join your team by reaching the Cathedral of the Monastery of Conquest. That won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

She has 2 abilities that make her a great addition to your party during fights:

  • Block
  • Goddess Embrace

Those cursed scarecrows stand no chance against her righteousness!

  • Block ShieldHUDF

Like Knight‘s and Human Princess‘s skill (she gets it after you train her), “Block” allows you to stop incoming blows by facing your enemies with a raised shield. Strike right after a block to have guaranteed crit!

  • Goddess Embrace CrusaderHUD

This is her unique, passive, skill.
If she were to fall in combat, the Goddess will grant to her faithful warrior another chance! Her head will roll over and she will need some time to recover, but she’ll come back as good as new!

Watch out! Corruption heavily affects Crusader Princess! For every point of Corruption she has, her other stats will decrease a lot!
Make sure you visit the Chapel often or treat her with items such as Prayer Prayer: Purify !

Fighting is not everything there is to do in the Kingdom of Princess & Conquest.
While waiting for future events starring the righteous Crusader Princess, she already has her unique lines for the Tavern and Campsite dialogues.

Her heart belongs to the Goddess, can the Knight even compare to her?


And now, about v0.16 release, I’ll be taking a decision before the end of the week whether releasing it on and Gamejolt first or to wait for Patreon.
I don’t want to sit idly, there’s a lot of new stuff already planned out, but I also want to take the best possible decision, my lawyer is already helping in finding the answer, stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can preorder the new release on or Gamejolt! This single-time purchase will grant you every future release of the game!
Cheats, galleries, polls and everything else will remain Patreon-exclusives, just like it was before.

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  1. The next update is coming soon?? that sounds awesome! can’t wait to see the new content! keep the good work!

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