v0.16 release?!


It’s finally time! Thank you for waiting for us and for all the encouragements that constantly filled my inbox!

In order to minimize the harm that is being caused to us, instead of waiting for all our platforms to be back, we’ll be releasing the game on our Itch.io and Gamejolt pages first, while Patreon will follow as soon as the page’s suspension gets lifted!

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  1. Finally, that was the happiest news I received today, I waited for so long. I do not want to brag more, its work and literally a work of the gods, themed, gameplay the hisotria, everything! It must have taken a lot of work to create this game, and the Best RPG I’ve ever played!

  2. I just have one question, all the updates shown here Desda from “Dea Vult!” Down, will it be at 0.16?

    1. All except for the water areas (Hammerhead Port and the places leading to the Sea Reign) that will come with v0.16.1!

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