Princess & Conquest v0.16 Release!

Finally! Princess & Conquest first release!

It wasn’t easy recalling everything we’ve worked on in the past year, I’ll group up the changes when possible and I also may have forgotten something… but here it is!


  • Complete art overhaul

Every girl’s new look is covered in here!
The game has more than doubled (7500 🡆 16700 files) its art assets!

  • Every main Princess (plus Drider, Lamia and the Dragons) is now randomizable
Just one of the possible custom looks of Cat Princess!
  • Princess’ units are now randomizable
  • Complete interface overhaul
  • New World Maps added (Kingdom Below, Kingdom Above, Sea Kingdom)
The fabled Kingdom Above
  • Harvest Reign added
  • Harvest Princess added
  • Wyvern Princess added
  • Crystal Princess added
  • Moss Princess added
  • Crusader Princess added
  • Dragon Progeny added


  • Drider Progeny added


  • Wyvern route opens
  • Skeleton route opens
  • Ghost Princess questline reworked


  • Skeleton Princess questline reworked
  • Several new Campsite scenes added
  • Mandrya, Dragon Princess, ending added
  • Added NSFW animations for Slime NPCs
  • Added NSFW animation for Human Princess
  • Added NSFW animations for Insect NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Moth NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Dragon NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Mouse NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Desert NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Ghost NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Goblin NPCs
  • Added NSFW animation for Mimic Princess
  • Added NSFW animation for Faun Princess
  • Added NSFW animation for Rabbit Princess
  • Added NSFW animation for Frog Princess
  • Added NSFW animations for Cat Princess
  • Added NSFW animations for Human NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Kobold NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Dog NPCs


  • Added NSFW animations for Golem NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Skeleton NPCs
  • Lewd events all around the Kingdom added
  • Added around 90 new maps all around the Kingdom
  • Added 30+ new items
  • Complete Slave Auctions rework
  • Progeny rework #1 Breeding


  • Progeny rework #5 Costumes

Every NPC in the game and everyone in your Progeny can now wear the same costumes the Princesses do!
We already had well over 100k possible looks for the Progeny, but with the addition of costumes the variabity has risen over 1 million!


  • Progeny rework #6 Shinies!
  • Progeny rework #7 Slaves (unique dialogues, renaming, “Master” titles)
  • Added meeting zone #1 Hunter’s Terrace
  • Added meeting zone #2 Lamia Ruins
  • Added meeting zone #3 Slime Pool
  • Added meeting zone #4 Beach
  • Added meeting zone #5 Civil Boat


  • Added meeting zone #6 Dragon’s Spire Inner Garden
  • Added meeting zone #7 Golden Stump (it’s ready, but will release in v0.16.1)
The first one that stops dancing feeds the sharks!
  • Added meeting zone #8 Torture Chambers
  • Several new tracks of the OST added
  • JukeBox added!
  • Flight mechanics added
  • Dive mechanics added
  • Added hazardous zones (freeze, heat, poison)
  • Soul Wishes added
  • Necromancy added
  • Life Force mechanics added
  • Kingdom Lewdness mechanics added
  • Eggs added (for kobold, insect, moth, drider, lamia and dragon progenies)


I have surely forgotten something, but you get the gist of it!

This is merely the beginning!

There’s already a bunch of new content getting worked on, and some of that is close to be ready!
In the next release we’ll start opening some of the new sea areas, like Hammerhead Port and the other zones leading to the Sea Reign!

Swim at your own risk!

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