Princess & Conquest v0.16.1 Release!

12 hours of bugfixing later…

Not a patch but a whole new build, to avoid memory leaks and other issues! Your v0.16 save is 100% compatible!

Enjoy this much stabler build!
I may have forgot to write down some of the fixes, anyway keep the reports coming if you find more!


  • Fixed sprites name mismatches
  • Fixed BGMs name mismatches
  • Fixed passability issues in HUGE TREASURE dungeon and others
  • Fixed the fairy in the Southern map flying away  from her target
  • Fixed autosaves not working after resting in the campsite
  • Fixed frequent portrait mismatches
  • Fixed Vineyard map not loading correctly
  • Fixed Frozen Skull (outside) map not loading correctly
  • Fixed Babs crash while transforming into a bat
  • Fixed kobolds’ white top costume
  • Fixed reset of the “Food Fetchers” quest
  • Renamed Fairy Princess quest
  • Fixed teleport to the northern Tea Party
  • Added missing assets for kobolds, cats and humans
  • Fixed Princess menus often appearing while in their towns
  • Fixed gift limit check
  • Fixed Cat Princess diplomacy menu
  • Added mannequin in Harvest’s
  • Fixed crash with Tavern NPCs (you will need to rest 1 day for them to re-appear)
  • Fixed repeating Mushroom Cave event
  • Fixed bypassing the guard by Harvest Princess’ door
  • Sacred Candle now equippable only by Princesses and Progeny
  • Fixed Mandrya assault loop
  • Fixed the bandits by Harvest Princess
  • Fixed the Scarabs in the Pyramid not attacking
  • Fixed clipping after using the “SlowFaller”
  • Fixed teleport issues by the Lamia Ruins
  • Fixed bugs caused by unequipping the swimming apparels, while underwater
  • Fixed gift menu crashes
  • Fixed Kobold Princess not showing animation in her classic form

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  1. I don’t know where to file bug reports so i will try here. got the game on itch and I know your trying very hard, i’m extremely happy that you guy’s are back but the full screen mode doesn’t work right hitting F5 keeps the game at normal size but fills the rest of my screen with black.hope this helps

  2. The game crashes every time you give Human Princess the armor for her questline.

    1. No worries, a meaty patch is on its way. That is already between the fixes.

  3. Congratulations on your first release in a while, and great job on the bug fixes so far! I’m glad I finally get a chance to play the game after all this time.

    Here are some bugs I hit thus far, although I doubt the first one will be helpful since I forgot the error message.
    – Tried to talk to a pink character in the main tavern and it crashed immediately. I hit this one during the 16.0 version, so you may have fixed that.
    – When fighting the Dog Princess, it tries to call for “Tower Girls – Battle Theme” so probably just a naming issue there.

    Once again, great work and I’m glad everything worked out fine with the lawsuit. Looking forward to future content.

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