Princess & Conquest v0.16.2 Release!

24 hours of bugfixing later… an even longer list of squashed bugs!

Another new build, to avoid memory leaks and other issues! Your v0.16 / v0.16.1 save is 100% compatible!

Here’s all the fixes you’ll find in this version!


  • Fixed King Cucco getting stuck after kill
  • Fixed Komachi crashing while giving prisoner costume
  • Fixed Komachi dying in after 1 day you don’t feed her instead of 1 week
  • Fixed Cat units sprites in battle
  • Fixed Pink Iron gift to Human Princess crash
  • Fixed most of save-file loading crashes
  • Disabled switching during flight
  • Fixed switching while inside the wheat fields causing sprite swaps
  • Fixed crash happened by talking with Silene (green dragon)
  • Fixed sexy time in tent giving wrong animations
  • Wyvern battlefuck fixed
  • Fixed Insect Menu popping up during the fight in the Princess’ chamber
  • Fixed crash happening after getting some kinds of sperm from enemies
  • Fixed Dog Princess crash while she tries to kick out a Progeny from your team
  • Fixed sex on the Civil Boat looping
  • Fixed BMG crash in Kobold’s room
  • Fixed getting asked in the tent twice to finish the sexy time
  • Fixed Fairy Princess mispellings
  • Fixed TPing out of Slumbering City
  • Fixed passability issues in the Entrance of the Queen’s Spire
  • Fixed ability to move around during sex in Kobold’s room
  • Fixed BGM crash during Moth boss fight
  • Fixed Mouse Tinkerer sprite not getting shown when the Clocktown is empty
  • Fixed crashes happening while flying over mountains with Wyvern or Knight
  • Fixed crash happening during Lacomia route
  • Fixed Kobold Princess ending up in all the tent sex animations
  • Fixed Eggs hatching during slave auctions
  • Fixed typos in Mimic Princess’ scene
  • Fixed permanent poison after fight in the cave South of Skeleton’s
  • Fixed getting stuck in Mandrya (blue dragon) door if not facing it correctly
  • Fixed crazed ghosts sprites during “Assist GhostP” quest
  • Fixed Skull Crawlers crashes in Dog’s abandoned town
  • Fixed sprite and crash happening while turning back from rabbit form in Rabbit P questline
  • Fixed crash happening when Harvest surrenders during a siege
  • Fixed Ghost and Slime NPCs crash in Hunter’s Terrace
  • Fixed Frog Princess not continuing the “Down the Drain” quest
  • You cannot lift the ghosts barrier before waking up Ghost P anymore
  • Fixed Beach treasure hunt items spawing inside the water

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  1. new bug every time i sneak into the goblin princesses room and successfully bed her once Babs appears with a explosion and after saying shes sure it took this time i’m suddenly in her house seeing another goblin animation then i’m allowed to wander her home at night then leave. i can tell the game is much more stable your all doing a great job!

  2. Found two bugs in the skeleton princess assistance’s quest (lvl2). If two skeletons enter a case at the same time they stop moving, same for those that come after. If for example we give a skull to a skeleton but take it back right away the skeleton is happy and we still have the skull.

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