Patch1 for v0.16.3 released!

This time is a drag ‘n drop patch! Just some KBs for many fixes!


  • Fixes random teleports at Babs’ after sex animations
  • Fixes crashes in the Pyramid while dropping off party members
  • Panic Button now works everywhere, use it to get out when stuck
  • Fixes Power Pearls resurrecting the wrong party members
  • Fixes teleport position in Ghost’s throne room
  • Fixes race changes changing also the sex of the character, sometimes
  • Fixes Cat’s assualt not happening while camping near her Reign during clear nights
  • Tweaked Kobold’s jump and the kickback from enemy hits
  • Fixes BGM crash during Kobold’s ending, after beating the King Cucco
  • Fixes the source of most portrait swaps
  • Fixes the door in Rabbit’s room getting the knight stuck
  • Fixes scene getting stuck after defeating Knight Princess
  • Fixes Komachi map crashing after her quest fails

Our Patreon page will open back soon, I’ll add the link in here when that happens, in the meantime the game is already available on and Gamejolt!

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  1. Epic stuff, im glad the wait in finally over and the bugs are being squashed and im experiencing this update, i was getting tired of 0.14 😛

  2. Hi, I keep getting a problem when trying to load. It says :
    Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 455: ArgumentError occured. comparison of Fixnum with nil failed.

    It happened thrice in random days, loading an older file let me advance but I lose 2-3 days every time…

  3. Question: I backed your patreon back in the day for several months at I believe 5$. I honestly can’t recall if that entitled me to the game or not, and I need to know whether or not I have to buy the game again. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello! Patreon is a subscription based platform, you will be able to get the game in there once the page is back online and you confirm your subscription on our page. Ty!

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