Princess & Conquest v0.16.3 Release!

Getting closer to cleanliness~

Once again, a whole new build to download, to avoid memory leaks and other issues! Your v0.16 / v0.16.1 / v0.16.2 saves are 100% compatible!

Here’s all the fixes you’ll find in this version!


  • Savefile loading crashes fixed
  • Fixed crash during DogP attack on Human Princess
  • Fixed Garderie spying crashing with less than 2 Progenies deposited
  • Fixed switching to eggs while healing corruption
  • Fixed issues in the Oasi while fighting with the mimic
  • Fixed TP/underwater issues in the Oasi
  • Fixed TP/underwater issues in the Sunken Ruins
  • Fixed crash during dragon flight scenes
  • Fixed crashes during rabbit NSFW animations
  • Fixed crashes during frog NSFW animations
  • Resized the payment choices at Babs’
  • Fixed DQ killing scene in Mandrya route
  • Fixed Elemental in Pyramid not attacking
  • Reworked the fights against elemental bosses
  • Fixed knight’s sprite changing wrongly after riding the cart
  • Fixed Lacomia “helmet-throwing” scene repeating
  • Fixed corpse blocking the lever in the Sunken Ruins
  • Fixed corpse in the tent outside the lich-knights’ cave being an infinite source of bones
  • Fixed knight turning invisible after SkeletonP running away from the wedding
  • Fixed OST crash after killing the mountain goblins in HumanP questline
  • Fixed first SlimeP campsite scene getting stuck
  • Fixed second HumanP campsite scene getting stuck
  • Fixed sprite crashes in Dog’s abandoned Reign
  • Fixed sprite crash in Kobold ending’s fight
  • Fixed Harvest “chase” locking the player menu access
  • Fixed Level UP menu crashing if the dragon sisters are in team
  • Fixed HarvestP questline progression
  • Fixed sprite crashes in Insect’s questline
  • Fixed Royal Archives passability issues
  • Fixed Wyvern Peak passability issues
  • Fixed encounter with Dusk while outside Queen’s Spire
  • Fixed poison not re-applying itself after leaving in the Slumbering City
  • Fixed Crystal and Crusader portraits not being shown correctly in menus
  • Fixed Power Pearl resurrecting the wrong party member/causing crashes
  • Fixed Mimic Princess scene repeating itself
  • Fixed scene getting stuck after Ghost’s boss fight

Our Patreon page will open back soon, I’ll add the link in here when that happens, in the meantime the game is already available on and Gamejolt!

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