v0.16.4 Release + Public release announcement!

This version, if confirmed getting rid of all the crashes upon loading, will be the one we’ll use as the next Public one, on June 28th!

Once again, a whole new build to download, to avoid memory leaks and other issues! Your v0.16 / v0.16.1 / v0.16.2 / v0.16.3 saves are 100% compatible!

Here’s all the fixes you’ll find in this version!


  • (Finally) fixed loading crashes
  • Fixed many issues with Slime costumes
  • Fixed (again) Slime first scene from getting stuck
  • Fixed (again) items spawing in the sea during the beach minigame
  • “SPRITE RELOADER” added as debut item, use it to get the looks of your Princesses back being at least similiar to the former ones.
  • Fixed HumanP deliveries causing crashes
  • Fixed Armur du Caramel losing swirlies AND health upon getting hit
  • Fixed Garderie peeping from crashing when there’s a race without animations involved
  • Fixed currency typo for the merchant outside Human’s
  • Fixed Broken Dagger trasformation bugging after going into wheat fields
  • Fixed typos in Wyvern and Harvest scenes
  • Fixed patrols in the Monastery of Conquest getting all janked up by un/equipping the Nun Dress
  • Fixed the faces in the Garderie menu not showing
  • Fixed humanoid driders portrait position in most menus
  • Fixed kobold lusty maid from being of any race instead of just kobold
  • Fixed crashes happening when selecting an empty slot while healing corruption
  • Fixed swapping party members getting locked up after teleports during flight
  • Fixed sprites swaps caused by hiding in Scarecrow Princess’ room
  • Fixed Harvest/Rabbit pregnancies influencing eachother
  • Fixed pregnancy status not healing up after deliveries
  • Fixed perma-poison applayed by the moths’ butterflies


Our Patreon page will open back soon, I’ll add the link in here when that happens, in the meantime the game is already available on Itch.io and Gamejolt!

Get all the future releases with a one-time payment!

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  1. Do you sleep? 4 patches/versions in roughly 5 days christ man

  2. patreon sure is doing you guys dirty by dragging their feet with your page review suspension thing.

  3. Are there any guides for this game? I’ve never been able to figure out how to finish the Rabbit quest line.

    1. Personally Ive only found short hints for really old versions, but if you are stuck on the point where you get transformed try taking a rest in the inn you might find something there

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