v0.16.5 Release!

This version gets rid of all the world map crashes upon loading, will be the one we’ll use as the next Public one, on June 28th!

Once again, a whole new build to download, to avoid memory leaks and other issues! Your v0.16+ saves are 100% compatible!

Here’s all the fixes you’ll find in this version!



  • Added Harvest X Rabbit (II) campsite scene


  • Fixed loading crashes in the World Maps
  • Fixed Slime/Golem/Rabbit diplomacy menu
  • Fixed Cathedral(outside) passability issues
  • Fixed Ctrl slowing movement speed even outside combat
  • Fixed crashes in Hunter’s Terrace while talking to rabbits
  • Fixed slave costumes for cats/slimes/rabbits
  • Fixed transformation in Scarecrow Princess’ room
  • Fixed OST crash in Dog Princess’ Tavern scene
  • Fixed OST crash in Kobold Princess’ Ending scene
  • Fixed auctions timer (60s -> 120s)
  • Fixed errors in calculating siege resistances and timers
  • SPRITE RELOADER now works on Knight too

Our Patreon page will open back soon, I’ll add the link in here when that happens, in the meantime the game is already available on Itch.io and Gamejolt!

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  1. Yo ever tought of adding an “impregnation shot” to show when the princesses gets pregnant?

    that would work pretty well as a visual indicator so we don´t have to be guessing when it “took” and checking the diary constantly.

    1. Yes, but pregnancy isn’t decided during the “act” in Princess & Conquest, but at the end of the day instead. You’re now able to see a little icon on the Princess’ status from day 1, showing clearly she’s pregnant (and she also gets reduced stats). It’s explained in here, in the part about the Queen’s Milk.

  2. Are you guy’s planing to make a way to turn a kingdoms population into Naturists perhaps with a max kingdom lewdness?

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