v0.16.6 is out!

Heya! Hope you’re enjoying these fast updates, I really wanted to get a clean build as soon as possible before opening up even more new zones!



*Shashasha*! Hammerhead Princess, the NERD of the seas!

Here’s what you’ll find in this version!



  • Wealth we now affects the quality of dropped equipments
  • Luck now affects the quality of dropped equipments
  • Experience curves have been reworked, leveling has been considerably slowed down
  • Population calcs have been tweaked. “Ruin” state is now unrecoverable
  • Added warnings when the Player is about to enter a route
  • You can now pay Merchant Princess to move to another location of your choice on her next trip


  • Fixed golem costumes not being shown correctly
  • Fixed some rabbit ears not being shown correctly
  • Fixed bunny costume crashes
  • Fixed most NPCs portrait swaps
  • Fixed the door by Faun’s counter staying open after her sex scene
  • Fixed the quest-chosing menu not allowing the Player to leave it normally
  • Fixed french in the rabbit’s dialogues
  • Fixed swapping party leader in the Scarecrow Fields causing errors in sprite allocations
  • Fixed dialogue swaps (Harvest/Rabbit) before and after Slave Auctions
  • Fixed crash during Insect on Slime sieges
  • Fixed crash when stealing panties before loading the
  • Fixed crash if you chose NOT to feed Bottled Butterflies from your inventory to Komachi
  • Fixed crashes in the Monastery of Conquest after loading a save in some of its rooms
  • Fixed Mimic Princess reacting to the player if he jumps through the door using Kobold
  • Fixed scene not fading in if you enter the Rabbit Inn after the Reign falls
  • Fixed the remaining placement errors of the items in the Beach minigame
  • Fixed not being able to talk the Guild Clerk from the front desk, in the Beach
  • Fixed the bandits in Harvest’s sticking around too much
  • Fixed Queen’s Milk effect not giving the born Progeny the thickest body type available
  • Fixed delivery crashes when delivering (or getting an egg) in the Campsite. The eggs you’ve got from there are still fucked though.
  • Fixed Lacomia battle outside the Faun’s Tavern -Fixed sailor’s message in the Slime Docks
  • Fixed Crowley quest failing some days after its completion
  • Fixed teleports if you decide to skip the Moth Forest after the Reign falls
  • Fixed sneaking in Mandrya’s throne room after refusing to join her cause or being already in a route
  • Fixed merchant outside Human’s sticking around after the Quest is over
  • Fixed Menu access being denied after going to NG+
  • Fixed various spelling errors

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  1. is there a way for Patreon supporters to get the cheats for p&c?

    1. When there will be a Patreon page again, there will be Patreon supporters getting cheats 😉

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