1. Cheats cause the game to crash which Fits I guess for all the dirty, dirty cheaters out there

      1. Well I’m a Patreon supporter so I guess I’ll just wait for the patch to hit the other sites. Or until Patreon stops dragging their ass, although it looks like their ass is about 40 miles long and immune to chafing

    1. Exact. That is what I have always said. Cheats/Polls/Art previews are patreon/SS only.

  2. Senpai, when we can romance progeny? Also more skeleton love please, her skull jokes hit me right in the baculum.

    1. I’m working right now on her ending, I love her too!
      No Knight on Progeny banging for now, but there is Knight on Slave and Progeny/Slave on Progeny/Slave!

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