Even skeletons pay taxes!

I’ve felt like it needed some adjustments, and here it is!

The tax/wealth/population mechanics now work on a daily/weekly basis.

The  “Growth” section is now useful!


Every day the Population of each Reign will rise if:

  • that Reign has at least 1 coin Wealth and no food food shortage. Skeleton, Ghost and Golem are immune to food shortages.

Every day the Population of each Reign will drop if:

  • that Reign has 0 coin Wealth or if there’s food food shortage. Skeleton, Ghost and Golem are immune to food shortages.

If the Population reaches 0 that Reign will fall into an unrecoverable Ruin, it will lose any chance to regain Wealth or Population and will be an easy prey to its enemies.


Every week the coin Wealth of each Reign will rise if their income exceeds their expenses.

Income= Population / 100

Expenses= (War number * 3) + (Mouse Tax)

With this formula, by the end of the week, a Reign with 500 Population can manage to fund its war campaigns against a single enemy (5 – 3 = 2), but will start losing coin Wealth if it ends up waging war to two Reigns at once (5 – 6 = -1)!

The Mouse Tax has a value of 2 and hinders the sustainability of wars quite a lot!
If we consider the same 500 Population scenario, a Reign at war with a single enemy and affected by the Mouse Tax won’t recieve any coin Wealth at the end of the week (5 – 3 – 2 = 0)!

As the Population of a Reign increases it will become possible for them to fund more wars at once. You can check the predicted coin Wealth rises or drops in the Status Menu!






Depending on this balance, at the end of the week, the Reign will recieve or lose coin Wealth points.
If its coin Wealth reaches 0 this way that Reign will lose Population, daily, for the whole week!

By losing Population they could also become more and more unable to sustain many wars at once, so it’d be better for them just to drop it before it’s too late!
Make sure you help the Princesses take the right decision when that time comes!

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