v0.16.7 Release!

While waiting for the winner of the new animation poll


… and getting our hands on another wonderful animation by Akai


…here’s what has been added since v0.16.6!



  • Cheats now don’t need a patch
  • Ghost Animation #2 added
  • Wealth/Tax/Population mechanics completely reworked
  • Capped the effect of Population on War Sustainability to 2000
  • Status Screen updated with weekly Wealth forecasts
  • Mouse Princess now gains 1 coin Wealth everytime someone pay taxes to her
  • Dragon Princess now drains 2 coin Wealth everytime she enstablishes herself in a Reign
  • Progeny from “transformed” mothers now becomes a purebreed


  • Fixed most of the remaining Dragon Princesses (Lacomia/Mandrya) interruption to World Map events
  • Fixed Hornet sprite during fight in Insect Princess throne room
  • Fixed skeletons losing Population when not at war
  • Fixed the Egg Quests (“Where I Eggcel”,”Tomorrow’s Eggciting Youth”)
  • Fixed Larva -> Moth transformation crashes
  • Fixed MYSTERY BOX not working when trying to open it in NG+
  • Fixed “Stranded Knight” trait decreasing Relationship instead of Affinity points
  • Fixed autosave after Faun Princess adult scene giving a black screen
  • Fixed autosave on playthrough start
  • Fixed Goblin Princess dowry mispelled
  • Fixed camping/sleeping until morning after 00:00 still causing the game to advance of 1 day ahead
  • Fixed Panic Button not ending battles properly
  • Fixed missing Harvest picture assets
  • Fixed eggs you get in the Kobold Quarters from causing team size to exceed 4
  • Fixed Lacomia, Dragon Princess, going to Rabbit instead of Harvest if the latter is the richest Reign in the Kingdom
  • Fixed Wolves sprite issues
  • Fixed crashes and placement issues of Shade Princesses

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  1. Question, is Wyvern P’s questline done? I’ve spent a good 5 hours on the 4th part of her quest (FInd clues in the Kingdom Above). I found the nun outfit, the archive key, and the key to Dragon Queens Spire Pantheon. But none of those seem to continue her “plot”. Thought I’d ask before wasting more time :P.

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