v0.16.8 release!


Enjoy this new build, there’s exciting news coming in the next days~



  • gobaff.png Goblin Affinity can now be used to influence next day’s slave
  • Mouse X Golem Princess campsite scene added
  • Increased Life Force malus from using dean “The Death Not” from 1 to 3
  • coin Wealth displayed in the Status screen increased to 10
  • Naked portraits in postsex speeches
  • King Cucco approximately 25% faster
  • Added “Painful Love” costume for Desert Progeny


  • Swirlies/Exp rate is back to 1:1
  • No message displayed if you first enter Komachi’s cave after day 20
  • Generally lowered the slaves’ level
  • Fixed Goblin Mask Green Deceit/ montu.png Monastery Tunic causing slowdowns
  • Fixed “Big Game” weapons attack speed
  • Fixed campsite “C” icon interfering with Status Screen
  • Fixed party leader switch to an Egg in the party if it has health higher than 1
  • Fixed wrong kind of elite in the Ancient Battlefield
  • Fixed unavailable Bunnysuits being given as rewards
  • Fixed Old Church crash on load if saved in the “lively” part of the building
  • Fixed Clocktown crashing if staple NPCs are in there
  • Fixed issues with heads/ears of Rabbit progeny portraits
  • Fixed custom Princesses costumes not working
  • Fixed Cat X Insect campsite scene BGM crash
  • Fixed dead slime sprite crash
  • Fixed delivering “Egg” quests to the Guild’s Clerk not working correctly
  • Fixed delivering “King Cucco” quest to the Guild’s Clerk not working correctly
  • Fixed Succubus1Cinder Ribbon assigning stats wrongly
  • Fixed Mimic1 MYSTERY BOX resetting on NG+
  • Fixed Insect/Desert soldiers wearing wrong costumes
  • Fixed Goblin Animation #4 gallery crash
  • Fixed duplicated NPC sprite in Ghost’s
  • Fixed passability issues in Sunken Temple
  • Fixed the Slave Auction’s clerk calling the slaves with a wrong name
  • Fixed Icedrag1 CREAM Ice Resistance not being shown in the Level Up menu
  • Fixed issues with Mice sprites
  • Fixed various typos

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