Amelie, Battle Kobold!

A kobold that’s following the way of her late father, a human paladin!


After successfully helping this pint-sized paladin in her quest, the Knight will be able to get this new, unique, party member in his ranks!

Let’s get physical~

With her incredibly high physical stats she’ll be a great help in battles against enemies that don’t use magic!

Her passive ability, “Righteous“, also has a nice side-effect: +1 Life Force every time she kills an enemy using her “Smite!” skill!

She starts with her Chastity Belt on!

Too bad she only has 1 MP! This means that normally she will be able to use “Smite!” only once before having to use an Elixir or other recovery items. Normally.

The video shows her active ability “Chaaarge!” and a way to avoid her MP limitation!

While using “Chaaarge!” she takes half the damage from physical attacks and counter every hit taken with powerful blows!


And yes, you can fuck her. Happy now?


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  1. About time. Not to mention I couldn’t figure out how to fuck her until now. Even though it was supposed to be possible

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