“No weapon cuts deeper than fear”

Time for another girl, another unique fighter, another cute companion to join the Knight’s ranks!

It won’t be easy to get, it’s probably between the hardest ones right now, but if you play your cards right while dealing with Harvest Princess you may get the chance to recruit…

Scarecrow Princess

Certainly not as sturdy as Crystal or Amelie, but…

If you decide to use her in fights you’ll immediately notice how she can easily control the whole field, thanks to her active abilityTerror” and her slow-moving StrawBOTs, flailing their hands like crazy!

Terror” has a longer cooldown compared to Ghost/Gorgon Shield Fear“, but it also damages the scared enemies! It has a greater effect if you’re fighting against 1-2 enemies at most.

It’s scary AND hurts!

The cost of all of her cool perks comes with her passive ability: “Kakaka”!

If she’s free to walk the land of our Queen, the Life Force of the Kingdom will drop and every Reign that’s not controlling any source of food will lose a little Population! Every day!

Any way around it? You could decide to steer the tides of war by giving a cornucopia Withered Cornucopiato the only Reign you want to favor (it will gain Population instead of losing it by Scarecrow’s effect), but I believe she deserves her own route!

How could anyone say “no” to her?


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