v0.16.9 is out!


Here’s the new build, with A LOT of new stuff, even more than usual!



  • Skeleton Princess’ route is now complete!
  • Skeleton Princess skill updated
  • DesertP x MothP campsite scene added
  • Hammerhead Port is now open
  • The Golden Stump is now open
  • Kobold NSFW animation #3 has been remade to fit her new look
  • Kobold NSFW animation #4 has been remade to fit her new look
  • LamiaP NSFW animation #1 added
  • LamiaP NSFW scene reworked
  • Insects intro has now a NSFW scene
  • AmelieAmelie is now recruitable
  • ScarecrowPScarecrow Princess is now recruitable
  • Kobold Princess (and progeny) “Hidden Scales” costume added
  • Weapon attack range tweaked
  • Added difficulty levels (and the “Swordsman Manual” to change it after the intro)
  • Dusk Princess sprite updated
  • Added the Pincer.png Little Pincer and the Soap.png Bubbly Soap to Hammerhead Port shop
  • The Status Screen can now be opened from the Faun’s Tavern bulletin
  • Many changes and fixes to Insect Princess dialogues
  • Auction timer from 120s to 90s


  • Fixed Babs’ gallery possibly causing pregnancies in some cases
  • Fixed Harvest battles giving Affinity to Rabbit instead
  • Fixed drowning damage loop while changing equipment underwater
  • Fixed Affinity Bar in goblin’s not erasing itself after use
  • Fixed (custom) Mouse Princess blinking while in Status Screen
  • Fixed Egg quest #2 not completing itself correctly
  • Fixed missing trophies in Cat’s throne room
  • Fixed sprites swap while sprinting with dog in the Scarecrow Fields
  • Fixed NPC roaming getting stuck after the first travel
  • Fixed camping after midnight causing auto-saves to double
  • Fixed depositing equipped Progeny causing duplication of items (and other crashes happening while depositing)
  • Fixed switching leader (TAB button) bugging with 3 Party members
  • Fixed Drider males portrait placing in Level Up menu
  • Removed “Skills” menu from pause menu
  • Fixed the grapes placing in rabbits support quest
  • Fixed bugs and typos during GolemP “shocking” event
  • Fixed goblin bribing not guaranteeing a Princess the next day (if available)
  • Fixed golem missing assets while in human form
  • Fixed red dragons misnamed assets (swimsuits)
  • Fixed Mouse X Golem campsite scene starting even when golem is in her human form
  • Fixed King Cuccos not respawning in the Tree Canopy
  • Fixed pregnancy cheat not giving “Pregnant” status
  • Reduced FPS drops in Wyvern Peak
  • Fixed wrong teleport placing after one of the final events in ghost’s
  • Fixed getting stuck in the fairy teleporting you to Wyvern’s Peak
  • Fixed not all quests getting resetted after going to NG+
  • Fixed lamia progeny with Regalia also getting the crown in their portraits
  • Fixed crashes happening by loading saves during Kobold’s ending
  • Fixed teleport-after-flight various issues
  • Fixed Rocky Slope windy BGS fading in and out in the wrong places

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