Princess Poll!

Time to start a new poll! The winner will be our 14th main Princess!!




The colour code represents the biome of the Princess. As you can see Princesses from the same biome can’t meet until the semifinals!

Here’s the color codes:

Vote for your favourite and decide the new main girl of Princess & Conquest!! 

The Final begins!!! Less than 6 days to go!

  • Tantra VS Finhead 
  • Ratel VS Black
  • Snail VS Mermaid 
  • Centaur VS Cloud 
  • Seahorse VS Hecate
  • Garuda VS Ent 
  • Oni VS Mask
  • Tribal VS Talon


  • Finhead VS Ratel
  • Mermaid VS Centaur
  • Seahorse VS Garuda
  • Mask VS Talon


  • Finhead VS Centaur
  • Garuda VS Mask


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