v0.16.10 Release date and changelog!

Heya! Let’s keep this summer’s good vibes going!

v0.16.10 will be the first build to finally release again on all our platforms at once, so that noone will miss it!

v0.16.10 will be available the 11th of July on Patreon / Subscribestar / Itch.io / Gamejolt

Here’s the complete changelog!


  • The completely new brothel, the Stone Knife, is ready
  • Conquest Endings added! If one of the Reigns becomes too powerful this new kind of (bad) ending will get triggered. Is the Kingdom doomed??
  • You can now toggle ON/OFF auto-saves and Conquest endings
  • HumanP X CatP campsite scene added
  •  New CGs from our new artist INKO


  • During Tent Sex the END Endurance you have left for the day will be shown and you will have the chance to use PriMinWat.pngPrincess’ Mineral Water to recover some! FRESH!
  • BGM for the Golden Stump added
  • New sprites for shark characters and DesertP added
  • Pregnant portraits for WyvernP added
  • DriderP NSFW animation #1 added
  • MouseP Majorette costume added
  • SkeletonP wedding costume added
  • Added new icons for the soap Bubbly Soap, the ROSARY Undeath Rosary, the QUEENS NEW DrESS Queen’s New Dress, the carrot Prize-Winning Carrot, the sword Crusader Sword, the sash Pious Sash, the rejuvenating rosary Rejuvenating Beads, the goblet of milk Queen’s Milk and the kog Cogs.


  • Fixed golem NPCs portrait crashes
  • Fixed CrusaderP portrait crashes 
  • Fixed knight getting stuck on SHARKS, of all things
  • Fixed issues in Dragon Princess I’s ending if Harvest’s the most powerful Reign
  • Fixed crashes in Golden Stump when talking to Lamias
  • Fixed crashes during KoboldP questline after giving her the plug
  • Fixed Amelie recruiting event not being triggered
  • Fixed error of the fairy in the Southern region’s speech 
  • Fixed goblin’s elite unit sprite not loading correctly in battle
  • Fixed Cardinal Bell causing issues when used on staple NPCs (Crusader/Moss/Crystal/Scarecrow/Amelie)
  • Fixed Prayer: Lesser Dragon causing issues when used on staple NPCs (Crusader/Moss/Crystal/Scarecrow/Amelie)
  • Fixed Moth Princess dialogue during her nightmare
  • Fixed possible crashes in Harvest’s Windmill

Let’s keep moving forward, the next Princess will be decided by our polls on Patreon and Subscribestar before the end of the month!

That’s all! Or not… more juicy news will drop during July! 


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