v0.16.11! Sarikyou’s CGs! Wyvern’s End!

This is going to be one of the juiciest, lewdest, updates ever!

Our new CG artist, Sarikyou (サリキョウ), proved himself more than up to the task, take a look to some of the new artworks you will find in v0.16.11!

Dog Princess


Fairy Princess


Cat Princess


Kobold Princess



!!! Wyvern Princess will get her first CG set !!!


Everything fell in its place also regarding Wyvern Princess, her Route is now complete!

I don’t want to spoil a single thing about her ending~

A lot will be revealed and getting this ending will be really important in order to see the full picture regarding the events happened in the Kingdom before the Knight’s arrival!

“Would this be enough?” Yes.
“Is this all there is in v0.16.11?” Ohohoh. No.

Everything listed in here is ready!

  • The Rattesein!


  • Loans !!!
  • Recruitable Mimic Princess!


  • The Rumble Jungle and its monsters!


  • Drider Princess new adult scene!


“There’s more?” Yes.

  • Komachi can now be fed special items to stop her hunger for good!
  • Ninja Princess!
  • You can now deposit all your swirlSwirlies in the Rattesein! Make sure you always keep your Bank Book on you (works after going to NG+ too)!
  • Revamped the sprites for many bosses and mini-bosses, like the Sphinx, the Crystal Lizard and the former Sand Snake, now Tsuchi-conda!


  • A new dowry can be obtained: the Assassin1.png Shadow Scarf! But how?!
  • The Knight’s INC added a new level 10 quest! [Advanced] P.O.T.U.S.!
  • Headless Horsebold Amelie costume added! She will also get a new sprite, to reflect her new look when this costume’s on!
  • New animations and adult events have been added too!


We aim to release v0.16.11 not too far into August, the final date and the complete changelog will be announced soon!

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    1. My bad, it should have been “A meaty v0.16.11 Preview should also drop tonight”!

      1. Dang ;-; Oh well, still looking forward to the update when it does drop!

  1. Any chance the gamepad control issues may have been addressed in this update? Just curious.

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