Finhead Preview and v0.16.12 Release Date!

Let’s look at this cutie in detail, shall we?

Finhead’s is the 8th and last Reign of the Northern Region of the Kingdom! An underwater paradise (?), well-guarded by two armies! Hammerhead Port’s sharkmen will prevent anyone from approaching the finheads!

What’s the story between Finhead and Hammerhead Princess, anyway?!



With sword PowerThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shield.png This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shield.png Defense and coin coin coin Wealth Finhead Princess has one of the best stat combinations to grant her Reign a steady growth in early game! Her’s easily one 

Hammerhead Port

If that’s not enough to grant the finheads a pretty chill start, they also have Hammerhead Port between their seashell and any Reign they’d be fighting against!


While Hammerhead Princess’ sharkmen are stronger than the other footsoldiers, they won’t move out of their zone to conquer enemy cities, their only purpose is to defend the Port, so that noone can get to Finhead Princess as long as they’re around.

That’s not all, Finhead also has a secret weapon she’ll only use when her defeat draws near!

Sea Battles

Things may happen and Hammerhead Port can fall against powerful enemies, in that case the battlefield will move to the seas between the Port and the Diamond Seashell!

Other armies may also come from the northern region and try to conquer Hammerhead Port to reach Finhead’s! The port can be reached by anyone controlling the Human, Insect or Desert capital!

The shrimp-headed guards of Finhead Princess will soon get their own sprite~

Of course Port, Seashell and naval battles now have their dedicated scenarios!


Diamond Seashell

The underwater jewel, the Diamond Seashell, is the palace where the all the finheads live. The depths of the Kingdom are dangerous, so they hardly leave the safety of their huge shellfish.


If you know how we deal with new additions in Princess & Conquest, you already know I don’t really like adding 1-time-only features, I’d rather have everything working in unison (I’ve just finished working on a jellyfish hat that digests the swirl you get into Candy Bars you can carry to NG+, on a mouse-bot that delivers your excess swirl to your Bank Account and on a set of jewels that will give we Wealth / lo Love and lu Lust bonuses to their wearer)!

That’s why we won’t cut any slack when working the Seas of the Kingdom into a perfectly integrated part of it, not an isolated region that feels like a theme-park or an expansion to the “main game”.

Kelp Field! Yummy!

Just like any other Reign, Finhead‘s will have quests in the Knight’s INC., Population mechanics, taxes and all that… but with some differences!

  • Since Finhead Princess only cares about the Sea region, she won’t attack land Reigns. For that reason also won’t incur into the usual normal Mouse’s tax!
  • It will, however, fight to regain control over Hammerhead Port.
  • Despite that, they have an in-house maintenance cost to keep their opulent underwater lifestyle going.
  • The Kelp Field near the Port and the Seashell will grant an endless amount of food to the army controlling it!
  • Making finhead NPCs exclusive to the Sea region or not has yet to be decided, but all the NPCs in underwater areas have to be capable to survive underwater.


Now! v0.16.12!

The release date is set! The 15th of September!!

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