v0.16.12 Changelog! Releases in 24 hours!

Sarikyou (サリキョウ), is still going at it, there’s 4 new CG sets in v0.16.12!

Slime Princess

Dragon Princess I

Goblin Princess

Wyvern Princess

  • Wyvern Ending!

One of the most important endings yet, as far as discovering the Kingdom’s story is concerned!

A lot of resources went into this, I hope you like it as much as I do! Next we’ll move to Cat and Ghost route!

Princess & Conquest Achievement system is now live!

Try to get all the medals in your playthrough, there’s currently 50 medals to get!

  • New costumes and animations!

Between the many new costumes, 6 races and their Princesses just got their new bunnysuits! Now only the rabbits (duh) are missing.

Finally lewdable lamias and a new piece (mating press) for Rabbit Princess!

Lamia animations come in 2 body sizes and 15 different colour combinations!
  • Embellishments and fixes!

New menus and many polished mechanics!

Other changes? Sure!

  • The holstaur milkers have their new portraits now! Could this mean the Princess’ adult content is about to come?
  • Swirlies now reset in NG+! Make sure to bring keep your Bank Book with you!
  • Revamped the sprites for the Sphinx (in preparation for the Princess’ adult scene!) and the Tsuchiconda!
Her set of CGs is ready!
  • Quite a lot of infamous crashes and other annoyances (like portrait mismatches) bit the dust!

All of this without mentioning a LOT of progress has been done about Finhead Princess! She will join us soon!

We’re already brewing many new surprises, but for now…

… ready for tomorrow?! All this stuff is right around the corner!

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