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Changelog (v0.16.11 -> v0.16.12)


  • Achievements system added
  • New CGs for SlimeP adult scene
  • New CGs for WyvernP adult scene
  • New CGs for Lacomia, DragonP adult scene
  • New CGs for GoblinP first adult scene
  • WyvernP Route is now complete
  • Lamia NPCs (curvy) NSFW animation #1 added
  • Lamia NPCs (flat) NSFW animation #1 added
  • RabbitP NSFW animation #2 added
  • Mouse Banker new portrait and animation
  • Holstaur Milkers new portrait
  • Clocktown’s Mouse Tinkerer menu updated
  • Added Wedding costumes for skeleton progeny
  • Added a dedicated sprite for Amelie’s Dullahan costume
  • Added Templar costume for Crusader Princess
  • Added Cathian costume for Cat Princess
  • Added Church of Conquest costume for Michael
  • Added Bunnysuits for Desert Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Insect Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Ghost Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Goblin Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Dog Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Harvest Princess and NPCs
  • Added the “Zpeedy“, mice technology to deposit the excess Swirlies in your bank account
  • Updated sprites for Sphinx and Tsuchiconda bosses
  • Swirly now get depleted when going to NG+
  • Daggers attack speed nerfed (0.25 seconds/atk -> 0.35 seconds/atk)
  • Fist weapon attack speed buffed (0.30 seconds/atk -> 0.25 seconds/atk)


  • Hippopotus and other bosses possibly not chasing the Player if it’s not the first boss fight you face
  • Bride Veil not working on DesertP
  • Removed Autosave during tutorial
  • HumanP and SlimeP Heir dialogue flow
  • Heirs being on throne possibly causing the game engine to see those Reigns as defeated
  • Black screen from the 2nd time you have sex with the Bank Clerk
  • Slime NPCs dialogue crash in the Golden Stump
  • Hammerhead Port / Mermaid Tail ship correctly moving to your location if you board it
  • DesertP dance room various issues
  • DesertP festival crash when talking to one of the kids
  • Rumble Jungle passability issues
  • Spire Pantheon passability issues
  • Black Screens happening after resting / using services for free (Rabbit Inn during transformation event, trip back from Mermaid Tail)
  • Crashes and repeated lines during the “Nun” step of Amelie’s questline
  • Black screen from the 2nd time you have sex with the Bank Clerk (now for real!)
  • Invisible wall in the Pantheon Garden
  • Insect Princess now correctly gives mostly red ants as first-generation heirs
  • World Map events, egg hatching and terrain damages now won’t interrupt ongoing dialogues
  • Wrong animation being shown when using default Cat or Goblin Princess during battle-fucks
  • Crashes when selecting one of the (missing) animations from Babs gallery
  • Removed extra “Blood-Spattered Mail” from the Monastery’s Graveyard
  • Mech golem body colour crash fixed
  • Mouse Banker not giving the needed key after sex
  • Crashes when actors with low Max HP get in battles
  • Portrait mismatches
  • Purple Lump crashes during battles
  • Crystal Princess explosion crashes during battles
  • Pious Sash and Prize-Winning Carrot moved from Costumes to Accessories
  • Drider and Lamia NPCs exp/level curves
  • Butterfly sprites bugging during night
  • Knight-on-male NPC sex (with female animations) in Hunter Terrace / Slime Pool


  • Randomizing Princesses option moved between the “Customizations” at the beginning of the playthrough
  • Using cheats will stop you from getting new medals!

Changelog (Patch 1)


  • Stops the Mouse Tinkerer from hanging the game if you have certain quantities of Cogs (00,11,22…)
  • Fixes some of the battle HUD icons not being disposed correctly after Mimic fights
  • Stops the Cheat Warning from being shown more than once
  • Rewrote most of the Desert/Sphinx dialogue during the dance
  • Merchant Princess’ dialogue choices now work as intended (you’re not forced anymore to pick on of the two options)
  • Stops Dragon Princess II appearance from causing issues to the game flow and stopping other events from happening
  • Amelie dialogues in the Clocktown now work properly

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