v0.16.13 out this weekend!

You better believe it. Only 1 week has passed since v0.16.12+, and we’re getting a new build already!

By our powers combined, we’ve met the goals I’ve set for v0.16.13 (I’ll publish Princess & Conquest’s Roadmap soon)!
I’ve already spent the last couple days testing the additions from sv0.16.12+ and fixing the bugs you are reporting, so there’s no need to wait any longer!

The additions in v0.16.13 include:

Dancing Desert~

Desert Princess affinity quest is now a dancing minigame! It comes in 2 different versions (Level 2 and Level 8, respectively)!

Desert Princess events rework

Every Desert Princess’ event, before recruiting her, has been reworked! This means different scenes, new dialogues and the build-up for her route’s opening! Things are getting quite complicated.

Animation Gallery reworked

With this many NSFW animations, the gallery needed to be faster and smarter! Now it’s much easier to navigate!

And much more, like:

  • Amelie NSFW animation and Battle Fuck mechanics
  • New look for characters such as LeChef (Human siege Boss) and the Mermaid Slave (in Goblin Princess’ questline)
  • and 30+ bugfixes

I’ll spend the remaining time making sure everything works fine, I want to get a really stable build on your hands! Make sure to report every bug you find in the latest builds!

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  1. That rhythm dance mini game is seriously brutally tough. I tried to do it more than 12-15 times and would still have over 50 mistakes on 112. This is beyond “git gud” territory. It needs some rebalancing or some way to make it a little friendlier because I just up and left. Loved the rest of the new stuff though.

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