v0.17.8 Release!

Closing up on Mermaid Princess release and v0.18, here’s the newest build!


Additions and changes:

  • Hammerhead Princess NSFW scene added
  • Hammerhead Princess NSFW animation #1 added
  • Frog Princess new events! Help her get to her new Throne room!
  • Frog Princess NSFW animation #2 added
  • Autosaves work again and we’re testing a new Save menu, showing names and other additional infos of your playthrough
  • Cheat Menu moved to the Main Menu!
  • Wish Wisp item reworked!
  • “Croaking Up” Achievement added
  • New Affinity bar at castles’ entrance
  • Mermaid Egg portraits added
  • Mermaid warning sign in the waters around their Reing added
  • Added Bunnysuit costumes for Mermaids
  • Added Battlesuit costumes for Mermaids
  • Added Courtesan costumes for Mermaids
  • Added Keroic Suit costume for Frog Princess
  • Added Patron NPCs (Polt, Mialee, Mallow, Humer, Tsukimi, Dew)
  • Added portrait for Starchy
  • Shadow Scarf can now be used during infiltrations


Includes 10052020 hotfix

  • Crash on load in the Gate of the Abyss zone
  • Rain/other weathers remaining when entering the GotA zone
  • “Unknown” reward from the Stone Knife/Brothel
  • Holstaur minigame starting if an egg hatches while in the Milk Bar
  • Actors will now regain 1 HP when forced to switch during a scene (like the forced switch to the only swimming actor while underwater)
  • Buggy particle for Cat Sith projectile
  • (Succubus) Desert Princess female progeny crashing the game during their delivery

Includes 14052020 hotfix

  • Cow race wrong item rewards / quest completion triggers
  • Missing Human Princess dialogues in her castle
  • Bunny Hoodie -> Plain Costume
  • Mermaids can’t be obtained from Life Pearl resurrections anymore (for reasons)
  • Mermaid -> Other Reigns war declarations are now prevented
  • Crashes when attempting to use “Prayer: Purify!” on Cat Princess Nekomata form
  • Fairy NPCs appearing were they shouldn’t (Milk Bar, Hunter Terrace, Golden Stump, Clocktown, Goblin Brewery, Dance Club of Death)


  • Color adjustments on yellow kobold NPCs animations
  • Dog NPCs Bunnysuit ears position fixed
  • Depositing/Withdrawing from Progeny Menu adding Points to distribute
  • Progeny being born with 0 Points to distribute
  • Some wrong sprite calls for Finhead / Mermaid NPCs
  • Nya Nya Doll not being given through Breeding Contract (Rabbit)
  • Not-existing item being given through Breeding Contract (Rabbit)
  • Big Bad Woof costume avaiable every time you enter the Wolf Cave
  • Slime Sea Salts quest not completing correctly
  • Camping while underwater disabled
  • Other typos and minor issues
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