New reward: DLC NPCs!

I’m glad to introduce you to new monthly rewards for Patrons kind enough to pledge at one of the 20$+ tiers!
I was missing this kind of 1-on-1 link with you guys~

DeLiCiously New Popular Companions (in short, DLC NPCs)

Each month we’ll be adding a new unique character, with its own portraits, sprite, dialogues, skills, class… and NSFW content!
This is meant to be bonus content, but as always will try to fit with the rest of the characters already in the game!

I will manually add the new DLC NPCs to your own save files, so no progress will be lost and this will remain an exclusive gift for our supporters!
We will have a dedicated room on Discord to manage all of this, but Patreon can be used to track the rewards’ delivery too.

The complete package of NPCs will also be available for purchase on Steam as DLC when the game is complete!


DLC NPC #0 ⚠️404B⚠️

DLC NPC #1 🎤Fina👼

DLC NPC #2 🦊Yako🍃

DLC NPC #3 🐙Bloo📡

DLC NPC #4 😼Dame Gaita

DLC NPC #5 🩰Salizzie🌋

DLC NPC #6 -> 🐵Wuchan🍌

DLC NPC #7 -> 🐺Marie🍆

DLC NPC #8 -> 🦂Vashti🌹

DLC NPC #9 -> 🎐Spritz🎐

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