Progeny NFT series! 🦎Kobolds go first

We’ve already shown that eroge can be good, now it’s time to make NFTs that don’t look like ass, are cheap to mint (Polygon Blockchain) and that will show the WORLD how incredibly cute our characters can get!

The first series is:


Website: (Mintable soon…)

🦎4000 unique kobold NFTs

🦎also NSFW!

🦎Polygon Blockchain (99,99% less carbon used compared to the Ethereum Blockchain)

1🦎 KOB can be minted for 5 MATIC only! (How to get MATIC)

🥚Eggs🥚 will hatch once all the pieces are minted!

When that happens the only way to obtain Kobold NFTs will be through our OpenSea marketplace!

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